The Cruise of the Dainty- Altered Book

The potential to use a discarded book as a container for a new story is one that I have been trying out this week. The 'Cruise of the Dainty was an old children's adventure story book with hardback covers and a printed picture rescued from Healthy Planet in Carmarthen- a source of magic finds for book lovers.

The book was carefully dismantled before useful and essential events of the book were reserved. I wanted to keep the pictures (to use), the title pages, the first and last pages of the story and the pages at the back pointing the reader to other books by the publisher.
First I collected images from magazines, my own prints and the original pictures from the book  that loosely had a sea theme. The new book was assembled into four sections that could be opened as new pages. Each page can be seen through apertures in the previous sections. Individual sections have additions which can only be seen from between the sections
The final image when seen from the front.....

......complete with flying fish, turtles and New York in the background.

I hope to be running a tunnel book workshop in 2016 with 'Make it in Wales' - more information coming soon.

 Other examples of tunnel books can be found  at 

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