Printing without a press

Jelly Printing

Options for printing without a press are numerous and this is just one of the options that we will be experimenting with on June 6th.
Mono-printing using a glass surface on which paint or printing inks create the image which is lifted off by covering with a sheet of paper and rubbing is a familiar process to many this is another version.

The printing surface is jelly- this is a vegetarian version using 10g of 'Vegeset' with a pint of water. Sprinkle on the crystals, stir, bring to the boil, pour into your container and allow to set. I used a plastic takeaway tray, lined with cling film but anything that will take hot liquids should work.

I used water based printing inks to create my image, rolled or brushed onto the surface. Marks can be made using brushes, pieces of card, cotton wool buds- anything that doesn't break the surface. Textured materials ,dropped onto the surface and removed leave textural marks which print well.The fish (above) were cut from tissue paper and laid over the inky surface before printing- a stencil could also be used to give a straight edge to the jelly print if required.

Print by dropping paper onto the surface and gently rubbing with your fingers. Tissue paper is easy to work with as you can see whether it has made a good print. Other types of paper were also very successful.

Printing without a press
Saturday 6th June 2015
Sarnau village hall
A days experimental printmaking using (mostly) everyday objects and simple processes.

For more details please contact me at

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