Bookmaking with Swansea Print Workshop

Being asked to give a bookmaking workshop for Swansea Print Workshop inspired me to make a few extra books, especially to cover their brief. 
SPW have been making work as part of their Dylan Thomas inspired project. This flurry of work had produced lots of trial prints and works that were just asking to be used in another process- as books  maybe?

The 'Leftovers ' prints that I received last autumn are now enclosed in their own concertina book. Each print has its own pocket and the covers are created from one of my own prints.
We started the weekend with a day spent learning a few basic processes that equipped the printmakers with enough information to start developing books of their own on day 2.

Dylan Thomas Dialogues Final prints from the project and some of the finished books are due to be exhibited at the Ceri Richards Gallery see

Swansea Print Workshop can be contacted at

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