The garden birds are now developing their spring colours and pairing up- the garden seems to be alive with their calls and their fluttering feathery bodies.
Its not so surprising then that I have been developing some ideas using photographs and pictures of birds.

The first design is a new owl card ready to print.

Update 27-2-13
Owls now printed and ready to fly

Zigzags and pockets

This little book has been designed based on the simple concertina format but includes extra pages stitched into the folds with long-stitch and pockets to hold this and that.

The ribbon is secured between the books cover and its pages through decorative star eyelets, these are also used to hold the pockets in place

A flight of Puffins

I used to believe that January and February were months when there was time to slow down after the inevitable busy time during December- time to take stock and plan the year to come. Now i'm not so sure...

The greetings cards have become a feature at local shows and fairs and new designs are created and printed on a regular basis.
The puffin is  feature of West Wales, in particular Pembrokeshire so are a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

This time I have printed them in three variations- the sand eels are silver, metallic blue or green. 

Puffins can be found at along with other limited edition silkscreen printed cards.

Tunnel Books workshop

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