Fish Paper Commission

A couple of weeks ago I received a surprise email from Cornwall from a potential customer seeking some of my 'fish wrapping paper'.

 Usually I print my paper in multiple colour-ways, resulting with about six sheets ever being exactly the same.This creates lots of choice but a big problem when someone wants several matching sheets. Luckily, although I had completed a long print run just before christmas I had not stripped the screens - printing just a few sheets of paper would have been un-economical in time and materials. After a quick further exchange of emails we were able to establish the particular colour combination needed and I was quickly able to reproduce what was needed.

The paper was used to line a traditional dresser and now provides the perfect background to a collection of Cornishware with its distinctive banded blue and white design within a kitchen with a fish theme.

What a great way to use my paper- it looks fabulous.

Fish paper is available to purchase from my Etsy shop- Nant Designs

Valentines Cards

Experiments with cutting pop up letters into concertina folds for greetings cards. Each letter is cut and folded separately into the card- very accurate cutting required and various experiments to make the letter retain readable characteristics.

 More experiments with box cards with interlocking hearts to close them. This series have a small heart secured with ribbon or sparkly thread to create a hiding place for that secret message.
Each card is silkscreen printed by hand before cutting and folding and adding hearts, birds and ribbons.

Bookbinding opportunities in the Autumn

Autumn is a great time to start a new  interest or learn a new skill. I will be teaching bookbinding at Craft in the Bay this year...