New for spring - maybe mothers day.

The pansies in my garden were fabulous last year- just from a 30p packet of seed but they were a variety of vibrant colours and just kept on going through the whole summer. As you can guess I was inspired....
Initially sketchbook drawings, I transferred them to photoshop and then divided the colours into separate layers to create positives for  a silkscreen to print each colour- this means 5 prints for each card and some very careful registration to get it in the right place each time.

Tunnel Books and Collage

Collage is a great way of getting the imagination started- flicking through a new pile of magazines, tearing out random pages, just because something jumps out at you- a flash of colour, an interesting texture or a few random words of text all soon start to make connections and you are away.
A workshop, coming up soon, will aim to use collage in 3 dimensions: one of the possible ideas is the tunnel book format. Tunnel books are organised like a theatre set - each layer as you progress further through the tunnel reveals a little more of the scene. 
Individual layers

The individual layers are created first before assembling them one behind the other between concertina folds.
Concertina folds hold the layers in place
From above showing construction

This book has a pair of doors on the front aperture, collaged inside and out.

Materials used here are : selected pages from good quality fashion magazines- these have good colour print quality and strong paper, scrap pieces of mount-board and PVA glue.

The workshop will take place on April 4th in Fishguard , Pembs. all welcome. For all the details go to Artwagoncourses or follow

Tunnel Books workshop

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